handwriting practice sheet

Letter practice worksheet from handwritingworksheets.com

handwriting practice sheet

"My mom is on CafeMom again" made at handwritingworksheets.com

Found this awesome website handwritingworksheets.com (via Amy), where you can make customizable (and free!) letter-tracing and handwriting practice sheets.

Aren't they fun?

You can make a worksheet for letter-tracing or name-tracing practice and, as your preschooler progresses, make worksheets for freestyle letter-, word-, and sentence-making, and even cursive practice later on.

These worksheets are especially fun because you can make the sentences say anything you want — make sentences about your child's life or have your son or daughter make up their own sentences.

Try it. They only take a second to make and print out!

What's your first sentence on handwritingworksheets.com going to say?


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