It's Global Handwashing Day (but please wash your hands every day LOL)!

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Today, October 15th, is Global Handwashing Day, which encourages children to clean their hands with soap. Yay, handwashing! With soap!

Let the Wiggles show your kids the importance of getting those hands clean.


Those wild guys, the Wiggles, have partnered with UNICEF to join in the global hand-washing initiative.

So let Sam, Murray, Jeff, and Anthony demonstrate to your kids the proper way to wash their hands with soap. This Wiggles music video makes handwashing seem fun, unlike most anything mom says to do. Am I right?

Don't forget — proper handwashing is one of the biggest protectors against cold, flu, and even swine flu.

Wash your hands with soap! Every day! Several times a day!

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