The Sensitive Way to Make Wild Halloween Hair

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boy mohawk

Photo by 3gifts.from.god

This Halloween, whether your tot is dressing up as a vampire, Cinderella, or a punk rocker — or even if your toddler suddenly wants a mohawk, as Cafe Cynthia's son does — you'll need hair gel to get the hair styled just right. 

Le Baby hypoallergenic hair gel is designed especially for babies, toddlers, big kids, and anyone with allergies or sensitive skin.


Le Baby Hair Gel is hypoallergenic and contains no harsh chemicals, no parabens, no sulfates, and is fragrance-free. Le Baby is not tested on animals, and it keeps hairstyles in place (even vampire widow's peaks, sleek Cinderella updos, and mohawks!) and never leaves hair stiff or sticky. It's $9.95.

To find out more about Le Baby hair gel, visit: the Le Baby website.

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