Repurpose Baby Bedding for Toddler

child's bed

Photo by sgr123

Oh...what to do with the adorable crib set once baby outgrows it?

I recently came across this awesome idea from CafeMom sgr123 in the Susie Homemaker group.

This smart mom repurposed her daughter's baby bedding into pretty accents for her toddler-ized room.


Here's what CafeMom sgr123 had to say about the baby bedding recycling project:

"The crib bedding I have for my little girl is so sweet. It isn't babyish at all. Very feminine and sweet.

I had no use for the bumper and sheet since she is long out of a crib. I wanted throw pillows for her bed, so I decided to make them from her bedding pieces. The rectangle and square pillows are both made from the bumper. It was two sided, so I have them laying on her bed, one side floral, one side quilted. The bolster is made from the sheet, which I cut and sewed hems. I used the batting from the bumper as the stuffing then glued the edge down. I used the ties from the bumper to tie the ends.

floral pillows bedroom

The crib quilt hangs on the wall as wall art, and I still use the valance and the other decor items. I also pinned the crib ruffle around the box spring as a bed skirt."

quilt girl's room

bed skirt

Wow, this is such a great idea, especially if you really love the crib set you chose for your baby. This is such a nice way to let the set grow with your child and a great way to save money on the big kid room makeover.

Great work, sgr123, and thank you for sharing this thrifty idea with us.

Have you repurposed your child's old crib set? Tell us about it.

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