How to Clean Kid Shoes That Fall Victim to, Er, Potty Training

outdoor potty bathroomOh potty training... how I wish a little pee on the kiddie shoes was ALL we had to endure while we help our tots practice making potty-using perfect.

But yes, most toddlers are bound to have accidents while in training and, therefore, get pee on their wee shoes, as is being discussed in The CafeMom Newcomers Club thread: my dd had an accident on her shoes need advice.


I've always been of the "hose 'em off on the front porch" school of thought when it comes to peed-on (or otherwise) kid shoes.

Of course, you moms deliver a broad variety of sound advice on the subject. Here are a few of your smart suggestions:

  • 3greatkids751: I wash my Lo's all the time... it doesn't hurt them... just wash them separate from everything else and on gentle cycle and let them air dry if possible...
  • mom2four1978: Sneakers are usually fine in the washer.
  • 01.Amey.07: Hand wash them with an old toothbrush and soap and hang dry them. 
  • lvnmylif: Soak them in a bit of peroxide and water then rinse them with cold water and let air dry. For whatever reason, it takes the pee smell out of carpets so it will probably work for her shoes.
  • NavyWifey122305: Wash in cold water and let air dry. NO HEAT THEY WILL SHRINK.
  • And a mom after my own heart, BrandonsMom1000: Take them out and hose them down with the water hose.  

Oh moms, you are total lifesavers about this stuff. Thanks so much. I wish I could say my youngest is at the stage where he's peeing on his shoes on his way to the toilet, but alas...we are not even remotely there yet.

Do you have any potty training nightmares to share?


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