Mom Confessions: My Kids Sleep Alone in the Car


houseIt's time for a Mom Confession -- because, let's face it, we're real mothers and sometimes it doesn't work the way the parenting books say it should.

This Week's Confession:

In comfortable weather, during the day, I let my kids nap in the car in the driveway if they fall asleep on the way home from somewhere. We live in a two-stoplight town with very low crime rates. I park the car in the driveway where I can see it from the house and lock the doors. I go out every five minutes or so to peek in at them and check the temperature inside the van to make sure it's not too warm or too cool for them. But some people (my mom) still think it's terrible that I do this. I check on them so much and they're all locked up that they're probably safer in there than in their bedrooms! -- anonymous


Is it ever okay to leave your sleeping kids alone in the car?

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We all have secrets -- so thanks to this brave mom for sharing her honest thoughts, and thank you for keeping this conversation non-judgmental!

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faeflyta faeflyta

I've done this with all four of my kids and like other mom's who have only leave them if the weather is appropriate and monitor my sleeping child closely.  Babies stay asleep when moved but toddlers wake right up and want to play, let 'em sleep.

momav... momavanessa

No place is Safe! I live in a small town where crime rarely happens!! I don't even see and cops here and just a few weeks ago a lady who always leaves her house unlocked got here personal stuff taken!! They took her passport and ID too!!! I would never leave my son alone in the car anywhere!!!!

cmr123x cmr123x

OMG! It is so dangerous is so many ways.  What were they thinking. 

Sabri... SabrinaSC

I let Sean sleep in the car, with the garage doors locked down, the baby monitor in the garage or my butt on the garage steps.  its' entertaining to see me get out of thecar w/o opening the door.  I have it down to a science to crawl out the window of my bug :)

wv_mom wv_mom

Where I used to live I let my kids sleep in the car while unloading groceries. But my driveway was a mile and a half long and that was just my driveway. But I wouldn't leave them out there. I would have no way of knowing if they woke up and they would freak out if they woke up in the car, without me right there.

athenax3 athenax3

I have never done this, but as soon as I read it it reminded me of times my grandmother let me finish a nap in the car, in the carport- it was a fairly common occurence. I can't say that I would feel comfortable doing it myself, but can't bring myself to find fault with this mother for doing it- kids always seem to fall asleep two minutes from home and if you wake them, they won't go back to sleep, nap over! And I know first hand how frustrating this can be! there's my two cents for what it's worth.

KaMomma KaMomma

it is NEVER okay to leave your children in the car unatteneded. that is just asking for something bad to happen. it doesn't matter what kind of neighborhood you live in, this should never be an acceptable option. it is like asking for something to happen. even if it is out of the norm, that does not mean it can't happen.

missndan missndan

i'd have to say at my house in my neighborhood if they fall asleep and i'm not going to bring them in. i roll down the windows and usually leave the doors open grab a book and read outside while they are napping.... now at my granmother's house in new york it's a huge farm house on 7 acres of property with no one around so if we were there and they fell asleep depending on the weather of course i would leave the doors open and either hang out on the porch (which is where everyone is anyways) while they napped.

my parents always left us asleep in the car but that was a different time.... unfortunately.

Tiffa... TiffanyMarie80

It totally depends on the circumstances - - I have left my kids asleep in the car parked in the garage with the windows down, I have also left them in the driveway with the windows down if I was going to be outside, and last month I left my youngest asleep in the car while we were at an outdoor church service at a nearby camp - I could see the car from where I was. 

candi... candicesimmons

I could see leaving them in the car while unloading groceries or something like that, but to just go on about your day? No way! What if you get distracted or the weather warms up or they wake up and freak out.......there are  just too many a risks when you can just bring them in to sleep.

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