Ideas for a Halloween (Birthday) Party for Toddlers

kids halloween costumes

A Halloween-themed birthday party is surely in my future — since my son's birthday is on October 29th. Not this year, but I'm collecting good ideas for a kid-friendly Halloween party.


Here are some great, mom-approved Halloween party for toddlers:

What to Eat:

  • Hollow out a pumpkin to use for dip and chips and make pumpkin cookies (suggestion by ohwrite)
  • Tombstone desserts: prepare chocolate pudding in clear plastic cups. Stick a vanilla wafer “gravestone” in each cup, with one half beneath the pudding surface and the other half sticking up and draw an outline of the grave in decorating gel (suggestion by Fate31307).
  • Make a pumpkin-shaped cake with two bundt cakes stuck together bottom to bottom (suggestion by branda32).
  • Serve Cheesy Fingers, Chocolate Ghost Suckers, and Nutter Butter Ghost Cookies

What to Do:

  • Have a costume party ... the adults can dress up too (suggestion by ILuvkaykay).
  • Decorate pumpkins: use crayola paints, markers, glue, and anything you can find to embellish them: feathers, googly eyes, sequins. (suggestion by branda32).
  • Build a skeleton: cut out large skeletons bones from construction paper in different colors. Group teams by color, and the first team to find their color bones and put their skeleton together wins. (suggestion by jewjewbee).
  • "Bob" for donuts: tie donuts on strings and let the kids try to bite the donuts (suggestion by jewjewbee).
  • Play pin the leaf on the tree: (suggestion by lilmomma20; I really love this type of simple, eco-friendly game).
  • Miniature pumpkins as party favors: paint the kids' names on them to make them personal (suggestion from me!).


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