Goodbye NOGGIN: Now It's Nick Jr.

Noggin Nick Jr.

Photo from Nick Jr.

NOGGIN is no longer called NOGGIN. It's now called Nick Jr.

Have you or your toddler noticed this TV station name change?


I half noticed the NOGGIN name change the other day. I have a first grader who's always begging to watch Nick, Disney, and Cartoon Network nowadays, but I also have an almost-three-year old to think about.

All I know is the Nickelodeon-owned NOGGIN station has always given me a warm and fuzzy feeling. It always felt safe for toddler viewing. Plus, no ads!!! So the other day when I walked in on my toddler watching Nick Jr., it did catch me off guard for a minute.

But then I got pulled away to do some other millionth thing.

If you're a NOGGIN fan, not too worry too much... The Nick Jr. website addresses the change as just a name change. "All of the things you loved about NOGGIN  — the shows, the characters, the educational content and, of course, Moose and Zee — will all be on the new Nick Jr." And, "The new Nick Jr. channel will remain commercial-free for preschoolers and will continue to be filled with highly engaging shows rich with educational content — 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

But NOGGIN was such a nice name...

What do you think about the NOGGIN name change? Love it or hate it or don't care?


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