Swine Flu Vaccine: Is Your Toddler Getting One?

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H1N1 swine flu vaccineThe vaccine for swine flu or H1N1 is scheduled to arrive as early as tomorrow, Tuesday. As USA Today reports, "Kids under nine all require two doses of seasonal flu vaccine one month apart to get full protection the first time they are vaccinated, and the H1N1 vaccine adds two more shots. 'That means four pokes in a few months.'"

Are you getting the swine flu vaccine for your toddler?

Take our poll.

We'd love to hear why you will or won't be getting this vaccine for your toddler. Weigh in on our H1N1 vaccine poll below. Leave your explanations in the comments down below.


Do you plan to get your toddler the H1N1/swine flu vaccine.

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Trist... TristansMom440

My 2yo gets vax & flu shot...but i am NOT going to do the H1N1...too scary...too new. 

fmchavez fmchavez

Nope. I had a reaction to the regular flu shot and since then I won't get it for my daughters or myself. And even if I hadn't had a reaction to the regular flu shot, there would be zero chance of me getting the H1N1 shot since it has not even come close to having proper testing.

zorrokat zorrokat

I always get the seasonal flu shot and my son will too. But the H1N1 vaccine is too new for my comfort level.

Earth... EarthHippy

talk about wide spread panic. The government is what kills us, i dont care who's "office"  I Cant get any shot regarding the Flu or any kind, i'm allergic to egg. My son is'nt getting anything that i  know of. Thats one thing i can say my ex-husband and i agreed on is all these "shots".  I will be so bold to say that i think its more important to give shot to those who come into our courty or leave our country to get shots for illness. When i imigrated i was vac'd for everything.

ameli... ameliasmama1

No my daughter will not get the swine flu or flu shot.

babyb... babyboomboom

No, I'm not getting it for either of my kids because the shot is too new and we don't know what the side effects are yet.  Not going to risk it.

amyd4581 Oct. 5, 2009 at 5:34 PM

^^  I agree with this.  They can play guinia pig with somone elses kid.

momof... momof2luvsshoes

I vax but we don't do flu shots or H1N1. 

athenax3 athenax3

I don't do flu shots, and we won't be getting our toddler this vax either. The regular round of vaccines are plenty- when it comes to this vax however, it's too new, too rushed and really I just don't trust it. The people I know that get the flu shots, are always the ones who end up sick- it's not scientific data, it's just personal observation- but I'll stick with vitamins, healthy diet, cleanliness and common good old immunity when it comes to these. This vaccine has not been tested nearly long enough to administer like they are in my opinion- especially since statistically the swine flu doesn't appear to be the killer pandemic the media would like us to believe- more people die of the regular seasonal flu, so why the rush with this?

mommypip mommypip

Where is the Hell no option?! I vaccinate but my child is not getting used as a guinea pig.

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