Throw a Dress-Up Photo Party

toddlers dress up

Photo by Maile Wilson, Shutter Sisters

Love this idea from Maile over at Shutter Sisters — a Dress-Up Photo Party for the tots.


Maile does Photo Parties in her photo studio but says it'd be easy to do at home — for an older toddler's birthday or more formal play date afternoon. Get out your digital camera (or rent a really good one) and have guests bring their own dress-up clothes. And here you have really inexpensive but super-fun gathering planned for the kids.

If you have a patient but playful group (haha), you could even get really imaginative and try to create some photo sets like Jan van Holleben's inventive shots.

Read the rest of Maile's Photo Party post for other great ideas on photo ordering and more.

This looks like such a fun time!


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