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Most kids go Trick or Treating on Halloween night. ethans_momma06 and her toddler son go Trunk or Treating. She and a group from her local church get permission to park their cars in a big local lot, and pop their trunks.

Some people bring folding chairs, others stand, but everyone brings candy. The children walk around like they would house to house, but it's car to car.

Why would anyone do this?

Well, ethans_momma06 lives in a rural area. You'd have to walk two to three miles to get to each house, or drive there, and what's the fun in that? Plus, she feels it's way safer.


"It's generally a better lit location, your children aren't approaching strangers in their homes, the place is swamped with adults, reducing the chance of inappropriate behavior, and your children are not walking on the street," says ethans_momma06. "And most of the ... unsavory ... people stay home. Even if they don't, you are better able to avoid them and their front doors."

Sometimes other festivities accompany Trunk or Treating, like a Halloween party, costume contest, face painting or a haunted house. It's perfect for toddlers, especially, because there's less walking and kids are bound to run into their friends.

Want to organize one in your area? Says ethans_momma ...

"If you belong to a church, start there. If you frequent your community center or library, ask if you are able to use their parking lot. Just get a group of the local women and men and decide on a date and then send around fliers. Announce it at the end of church or in bookmark fliers at the library."

Would you consider Trunk or Treating for your toddlers? What alternative types of Halloween celebrations does your family participate in?


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