What's Your Favorite Activity to Play With Your Toddler?

boy puzzle

Photo by LelandsMommy

Games, puzzles, toys, building blocks, dollhouse play, arts and crafts, fort building, video games, reading, there are a lot of activities you can play with your kids, if you're so inclined.

What are you and your kids' favorite activities to play together?


When it comes to playtime with my 3-year old, I find myself more inclined to enjoy free-play activities like stacking blocks, playing make believe, or making action figures fly (or animals or baby dolls), rather than the activities that come with a rule book.

While I love to play board games and do puzzles with my 6-year old (when my toddler is sleeping or busy elsewhere), most days I don't have the patience to play them — at least by the rules — with my 3-year old.

And what do I really enjoy most? The activities he can play by himself. :)

What are your favorite activities to play with your toddlers?

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