Your Kids' Special Collections: What Are They?

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Kids are little collectors, aren't they? From trains and dolls to rocks and gum wrappers, kids' special collections run the gamut. One thing's for sure, the collection is often a precious thing to the child.

Does your child have a special collection?


Here's what several CafeMoms shared about kid collections:

grammabird: My 4-year old grandson Tristin has an obsession with all things Thomas the Tank Engine! He knows all their names, knows the eight or nine movies he owns by heart (word for word), and has recently started collecting the track and engines. He has several and takes at least two of them every time he leaves the house. If he can't take a train, he takes the paper that came in it, with all the other trains on it, telling us which ones he wants. All of them!!

Mom2Just1: My 3.5-year old son collects cars and trucks and plays often with them. He does not really display any of them. He has blue dog that goes everywhere with him and he showcases that to everyone. It even ended up in a preschool photo!

ToddlerBrain82: We just got back from 10 days in Southern California. While we were in San Diego, Sebastian became obsessed with those souvenir pennies you can make for 50 cents in a machine. He came home with a collection of nine of them, from various museums, the San Diego Zoo, and Sea World. He keeps them in a neat tiger-shaped container that also came from the zoo.

auroragold: My DD is a collector alright — it's just that it changes pretty routinely. One day it's rocks, the next it's leaves, then it's candy wrappers. I'm not joking! I have a bag of confetti she scooped up from her birthday party (2 years ago), a bag of lint from the dryer (I no longer ask for her help with laundry) and get this — a bag of shavings from the pencil sharpener! HOWEVER, one thing that she collects "seriously" is a special series of books — the Rainbow Magic series by Daisy Meadows. She very specifically arranges them (though the order is sometimes alpha by fairy name and sometimes order of their release), and none are allowed to touch the books.

Mom2M2: They don't really have collections, but sometimes my 4-year old son will gather all like items, line them up, and then call them his collection. For instance, he finds all the balls he can find, lines them up by size, and then says it's his "ball collection."

Cafe Sheri: When I was a kid, I started collecting business cards. It gave me something to do and look forward to when I went places with my parents. I had hundreds and they were alphabetized too!

We'd love to hear what your child collects. It might be something sentimental or pretty, but it also might be something that drives you a little nuts when you're forced to dust around it.

Does you child have a special collection?


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