Holiday Toy Catalogs: Let the Wishing Begin!

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The first holiday toy catalog arrived in the mail last week. My boys buried their noses deep inside and started wishing and dreaming.

I felt a little overwhelmed, since Halloween hadn't even occurred yet; however, I tried to breathe and remember how fun thumbing through toy catalogs was when I was a kid.

Some of you shared similar toy catalog memories...


For most of us of modest means, toy catalogs taught us our first lesson in "wishful thinking" but also in "you can't have everything you want." At the same time, making wish lists from our favorite toy catalogs taught us a lot about making choices, the value of a dollar, the importance of quality, and need vs. want.

Here are some of the toy catalog memories you shared:

avpriddis: We always got the toy catalogs and ads with the daily paper. It was our favorite part of the holidays. With six kids in the family, we would head to our aunt's house and collect her catalogs as well. We would lay out on the floor with our markers and start circling. So our parents knew who wanted what, we had to make sure our names were next to our circles as well! We would slowly pass the catalogs around through all of us so we all had a turn. Thanks for bringing back the fun memories!

mztog75: We just got three toy catalogs in the mail yesterday, and my three-year old spent about 40 minutes looking and relooking at all the toys and saying she wishes she had this one or that one. Then when daddy came home, they spent about 30 minutes looking at them together. It was too cute!

southernlamom: We actually do not celebrate Christmas, but we enjoy looking at all the catalogs anyways! My son (four) thinks they're his magazines that come in the mail! We sit down, look at them, ooh and ahh and talk about what he'd really like. It's a good chance to talk about money, how much things cost, and if items are really "worth it." We also talk about, "Well, can Mommy make something LIKE that for less? What can we use around the house instead of buying something new?" He loves to say, "Oh yup, that's too 'spensive." Ahh, Mommy has taught him well!

5forjulie: Well, my kids have an wish list this year. They can go on the website and add the item to the wish list. I can then decide to buy it or not, but as a parent, it's nice to know what my kids would like for Christmas. I actually did some Christmas shopping from the list, and I got the kids what I think they will like.

ddpool: When I was a kid, I couldn't wait till the Sears Christmas catalog arrived every year! I'd take my time, studying each page carefully, turning one page at a time until I'd just about memorized everything in it! Then I'd go back through and decide what my favorite thing on each page was!

Did you enjoy shopping holiday toy catalogs when you were a kid? Do your kids enjoy perusing the holiday catalogs now?


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