I Need a Massage, Mommy!

cat getting massage

My daughter is part Irish, Swedish, German, and Cat. That's as in meow. She gets that gene from my side of the family. I love, love, love back scratches and massages of any kind. I don't care who the person is ... friend, family, man, woman, stranger, serial killer ... or on which part of my body ... back, head, toes ... I curl up into a ball and melt into pleasure at the slightest touch of nails on my skin.

So of course, the bedtime ritual at my house always is, "Mommy, can you rub me?" "Mommy, you forgot to rub me!' "Mooommmy, I'm not going to sleep unless you rub me!!!"


Usually she settles in after just a few strokes, but lately she's more demanding. She wants a longer duration and a greater intensity. I type all day and my hands hurt, so I've managed to pass this job off on my husband. He's not thrilled because now he's responsible for giving back massages to two people every night.

Lucky for him our son did not inherit any feline DNA, actually just the opposite. He inherited the classic "tough guy" gene that is designed to repel adoring touches or hugs of any kind, at the same time that it also encourages punches or rough tickles. "Daddy, let's fight!" has become a regular request lately. My 6 year old guy is actually getting a pretty decent set of biceps from all that pounding on Dad's gut.

This is absolutely fine by me for two reasons: 1) It's play fighting and all in good fun, and 2) Pretty soon my son's arms will be strong enough that I can teach him to give me back massages.

Does your toddler love to be rubbed, scratched, or massaged as much as mine does?


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