Easy Girl's Halloween Costume: The Pink Poodle

Thought I'd share this incredibly easy idea for a girl's Halloween costume -- a Pink Poodle. My daughter saw this in a magazine and wants me to make this for her to wear this Halloween.

This, I can do. There's very minimal sewing involved.

This is all I need:




  • 8 pink fluffy bath puffs (the one pictures is expensive; I found these for $1 each at the dollar store)
  • 2 pairs of oversized pink socks (you'll have one leftover)
  • 1 pink stretchy headband
  • 1 pink sweatsuit, pink shirt and pants, or pink pajama set (which luckily we have thousands of already, so lemme know if you need a loaner :)
  • Black face paint
  • Black ribbon for a dog collar, rhinestones if you want to get fancy
  • Bubble wrap
  • Glue gun

1. There are numerous ways to approach this, but basically you want a bath puff around each ankle and each wrist. You can rig up something with Velcro to wrap it, or you can sew or glue-gun it to the outfit.

2. Glue (or whip stitch) two pink socks to a pink elastic headband. Add puffs to the ends of the socks and to the top of the headband.

3. For the tail, fill a pink sock with bubble wrap attach to the back of the pink pants by sewing it on and then add puffs on the end.

4. Use a wide black ribbon for a collar. You can add plastic rhinestones with the glue gun or paint a decoration with pink paint. Add a white dog tag made of heavy card stock and print a name like "Fifi." Punch a hole and attach with a rubber band to the collar.

5. Finish with pink shoes and a black face-painted nose.

Do you have an easy, homemade Halloween costume idea to share? Leave it here!


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