Denis Leary Apologizes for Autism Comment

After Denis Leary said autistic kids are really "stupid" and "lazy," CafeMom moms spoke out, and a third of moms in a Daily Buzz poll said they felt he was hurting the autism cause. Well, it seems Leary has taken an about-face and apologized for the comments in his book (or maybe he more like clarified them).

"I can only imagine how upsetting reading the remarks excerpted from my upcoming book must be for any parent of a child with autism. All I can say is that the quotes from my book that caused so much pain were taken out of context and selectively edited.


It was never my intention to exploit the serious subject of autism. It was my intention to expose the adults in this country who seek to use any available medical avenue to justify their own failures. What I wrote was not directed towards children who have autism."

So, moms, what do you say? Should we forgive him?


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