More Funny Toddler Mispronounciations

funny toddler mispronounciations

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"Don't drive fast, Mommy, or you're going to get un-arrested!"

My toddler daughter (and my 6 year old son!) always mispronounce the word "arrested" by adding an "un-" to the beginning. I correct them, but it doesn't stick. And to tell the truth, I like the sound of their alternative penalty for speeding a lot better.

tnm786 in Just for Fun said her son always mispronounces color (cudder), green (beem), and his sister Savannah's name (sna-sna).

Here are some other funny toddler mispronounciations from the Answers thread:


Emeny (enemy)

Pong Bob Queer Pants (Sponge Bob)

And-baid (bandaid)

Hangaburger (hamburger)

Baby jamore (baby jaguar)

Yan you (thank you)

F**k (fork)

Lip chap (chapstick)

Oga boy (granola bar)

Shampoop (shampoo) and Thank Youp (thank you)

Libards (lizards)

Brubber (brother)

Looda Looda Do (Scooby Doo)

Dotdogs (hot dogs)

Swammich (sandwich)

Perkit (perfect)

Lawturd (water)

Also check ou this funny post about toddlers who swear (but not on purpose).

What's your toddler's cutest mispronounciation?


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