You Can Make a Little Girl's Day

birthday cards for toddlers

Photo by HopeFay

This was such a sweet and ingenious idea that I just had to pass along ...

CafeMom lilmomma92706's little girl Zahrah loves getting cards and letters in the mail. She's turning 3 at the end of the month, and lilmomma asked other moms if their children would make and mail her a card for her birthday.

And as usual CafeMom is there for her. Several said their children would make cards. But the more the better. PM her if you're interested.

My daughter would love this, too. She's always asking to open the mail. Unfortunately, we only get bills. I have to keep the birthday card idea in mind for December when she turns 5 -- FIVE! Oh, gosh. My little girl. How can she really be turning five?

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