Baby-Proofing Masterminds


Photo by stacy77

I wonder if any of those companies that make baby-proofing supplies employ any 2 and 3 year old consultants on their quality control staffs, because they should. Most tots I know can bust in, click open, or scoot over many of those clever little gadgets that are supposed to keep children out, in, or away.

It took me about two hours to install what seemed like 25,000 white plastic cabinet locks in my kitchen ... and about 15 minutes for my son to crack the code: pull down over the little notch, swing open. Unfortunately, if they made them more difficult for toddlers, the parents wouldn't be able to open them, either.


ElijahsMommy58 highlighted the recent baby-proofing achievement of her 2 year old recently in the CafeMom Newcomer's Club. She bought one of those little doo-dads you use to lock the fridge. "What does he do? He just rips the darn thing off and opens the door."

Here's what some of the other little smarty-pants around here have done:

--  "I put child locks on the cabinets but my daughter's arms are so freaking tiny she just opens it as far as she can (about an inch and a half maybe), sticks her arm in, and grabs away!

-- "I went out and bought a couple of swinging gates. I took the time to put those suckers up and it wasn't a week that my figured out how to open them. Then I bought those things that go over the door knobs to keep him from opening the doors. I have had grownups come into my house and unable to open the doors. My two year old can come up right behind them and open it for them."

Have your little masterminds thwarted your baby-proofing efforts lately? Tell!


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