Bumbo Introduces a Potty Seat

bumbo potty seat

Photo from Bumbo

Bumbo makes a good little baby seat, so is it safe to assume their new potty seat will be just as great?


Oh, what do I care? Like we're ever going to have need for a potty seat in this house. My almost 3-year old still looks at me blankly when I bring up the idea of using the toilet. *sigh*

But anyway, I thought the rest of you, whose kids actually want to use the toilet before they're 13 years old, might want to know about the Bumbo Potty Seat if you don't already. I found this over on Cool Mom Picks and was as excited as Liz was — because we also adored the Bumbo baby seat.

This potty seat looks soft and squishy and very supportive like the original Bumbo. However, I'm a little concerned about whether the design of the "saddle horn" in front makes it less messy or more messy for newly potty-training boys.

The Bumbo Potty Seat is $29.95.

Do you have the Bumbo Potty Seat? If not, are you interested in this product?

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