Milestones: Saying Mama (Finally!)

toddlers first time saying mama

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For all the moms who are still waiting for your toddler to call you "mama," or have been emphasizing that you are not "Dada," don't worry. A lot of CafeMoms say their little ones -- boys especially -- didn't start using the word until they were close to 2.

"My boy is 19 months and just last week got it! It was like a light bulb went off in his head," says on mom. "I have been Mommy ever since. Be patient and calmly correct him when he calls you 'Dada.' He will get it eventually. I personally feel it is more special now that he calls me Mommy because everything and everyone was 'Dada,' but he has only called ME Mommy."


And sometimes, Dads even get payback.

"My 20 month old son's first word was "Dada" and he said it for maybe a month," says another CafeMom. "Now he calls me and my husband "Mama." He refuses to call him "Dada." I think it's adorable and giggle about it, but my DH begs and begs him to say "Dada" and he won't."



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What special strategies or approaches did you use to teach your toddler to say "Mama"?


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