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Those little toddler sandboxes shaped like turtles or crabs are such a great idea. You can stick them anywhere, even in the smallest of yards or patios, and your toddler will almost always find some type of creative activity to play in them.

What I didn't realize was how expensive the sand is!

We considered building our own sizable on last year, but after we priced out the sand, we scrapped the idea. I forget the exact total, but it came to something like $200 for the number of bags of superfine sandbox sand we'd need.

For those who have made the investment, the good news is it's not necessary to replace the sand every year, or even empty and store the receptacle, the Toddler Moms say.

The snow, rain and elements will not damage it ... well, why should it. It's sand, after all! But I've often wondered if leaving sand out makes the sand less ... playable.

"The snow did not damage mine last year at all," says Mom71307. "I left the sand in and everything ... no issue over the winter in Wisconsin! I plan on doing the same this year, though we may clean out the sand since there are a ton of pinecones in it right now."

Other moms said this way, their tots can play in the sand all year round, even in the cold weather, when they are absolutely bored of being in.

Does your toddler have a sandbox? How do you keep it clean -- or do you just surrender it to nature?


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jesse... jesserica3boys

I would just make sure to keep it safe of any animals that would pee/defecate in the sand.  Not just cats,  but also racoons and such.

momof... momoflilangel

We have a turtle sandbox but we have never used it for its purpose yet. For my daughter's last birthday we filled it with plastic ball pit balls and used it inside. It was a big hit! I have been wanting to put sand in it but haven't yet. Someone told me though that you could also fill it with tiny rock pebbles (like at T-Rex restaurant in Orlando, FL). As long as a baby doesn't put them in their mouths it sounds like a good idea.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Turtle sandboxes have lids for a reason - put the lid on.

It's not safe for kids to play in uncovered sandboxes, because cats, birds, can poop in them, and carry parasites and whatnot.  Every sandbox should be covered when not in use.

mama2... mama2000_1

We had 2 kids when we built our sand box, so we needed a bit bigger one than the turtle one. We built it and put a tarp over it when not in use. As other posters said, animals can cause problems. We live in the woods, so racoons, squirrels, and stray cats and dogs (not to mention our own cat) would love to "play" in the sand as well. Dh has always "planned" on making a lid, but has never gotten around to it, so the tarp does fine - except there is this ugly big blue blob in the back yard! lol

toria... toriandgrace

Do your children play in the dirt or at the beach?

Sure, it's a good idea to keep a lid on it, but there is so much crap in the sand on the beach. My daughter also loves playing in the dirt. She'll just go out and dig holes and play with rocks. Can't put a lid on the world...

ksanders ksanders

$200 for sand?!  I got some really great playsand from lowes for about $1.50 per 50 lb bag! It only took about 6 bags to fill up our sandbox.

Sassy... SassyMommyBllck

I want to let you know that we just built a sandbox for our son and only spent $15 on sand. We went to our local landscape supplier with our truck and got a backhoe bucket full of sand. All we had to do when we got home was shovel it out of the back of the truck. We even had enough left to make a level area for cement patio slabs for under our picnic table

nonmember avatar Wooxillollept

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