15 Weirdest Toddler Halloween Costumes

What about dressing your toddler up as a pimp this Halloween? Hurry, there are only "more than 10 of these costumes left" on eBay. Probably hundreds.

Momversation recently posted a list of the 15 Weirdest Toddler Halloween Costumes Ever. If you think this one is bad, take the jump to see a few more, and then bounce on over to Momversation for the complete, outrageously jaw-dropping list.

Oh, it gets worse. MUCH worse ...














This one is almost sold out. Apparently there are lots of people who think costuming your child as a man accused of being a pedophile is in good taste.














 Should we really dress our child in a costume that encourages flatulent noises? Momversation asks.










See the 15 Weirdest Toddler Halloween Costumes and click back here to tell me which one (if any!) you would consider dressing your toddler in ...


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