Sleeping With Stuffed Animals Too Dangerous?

stuffed animals in the crib

Photo by faithfulmomof1

Can you find the sleeping child in the photo?

Oh, yes, there she is ... to the left of Mickey Mouse and due south of Pink Pig. And I think she's being kissed by Mr. Brown Bear over in the upper left corner.

This little girl is a year old. My daughter is 4 and I allow her two stuffed animals with her in her toddler bed at night.


Lots of moms in the Newcomer's Club discussion railed at the safety/suffocation issues from sleeping with stuffed animals, but the thing that also pops into my mind is allergies. Stuffed animals are dirt and dust mite magnets. My daughter has bad seasonal allergies and flops around a lot at night. I'd worry that if a fur ball in the throat wouldn't get her, an industrial strength clogged nose would.

Thanks to faithfulmomof1 for posting this picture and asking the group if she should say something to her friend about her daughter's sleeping arrangements.

Is this extreme or not? Is the child old enough to sleep with this many animals? How many stuffed animals do you allow in your toddler's bed at night?


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