Save $$ on Babysitters

save money on babysitters

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I often envy moms who have kids many years apart, especially when their oldest one is a teen -- instant babysitter!

Paying for sitters is one of the reasons my husband and I don't get out much these days. At the end of the week, we're tapped. The trick is to get a little creative. Here are some of the suggestions the Daily Buzz has compiled over the last year:


Make a trade Instead of hiring a sitter, exchange services with another couple, says Cafemom ReesesPieces. "We've done this with some friends for a year now, and it works well. We have a standing rule that they get one night out and we get one night out -- that way we aren't always watching their kids (or vice versa). It's a lot cheaper than paying a babysitter, and you know the kids are in good, capable hands."

Join a babysitting co-op This is similar to the idea above, but you join a large group of parents (around 20) and take turns being the babysitter. This works best for nights out.

Check your church Talk to the director of the youth group, advises ReesesPieces. "At our church, there's an award for the young women who complete a number of hours of service. This is a great way to help them (and get a sitter)."

Look for a mommy nanny or sitter This is when the person who comes to your house to watch your baby while you're at work brings her own child along. She doesn't have to worry about child care for her baby so you can pay her less.


How do you save money on babysitters?

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