Has Your Toddler Ever Been Ignored?

friendly toddlers

Photo by Beanz

Your toddler has finally come out of her shell and is talking...nonstop...to everyone. It's "Hi!" and "Bye" to every human being from the restaurant server to the cashier at the grocery store.


Most strangers find it adorable (and usually tell you so), but on some occasions your little social butterfly is ignored.

An anonymous mom posted in Answers and said, "I see it hurts her when this happens and then she would say it over and over and over again, louder and louder until the person moves away."

I don't see how someone can ignore the innocent voice of a child, but sadly, there are people like that out there.

Jguevara says, "When people ignore her, I just answer for them. I say "Hi, baby", "Bye, baby." She shouldn't have to change her friendly ways because other people are mean."

Does your toddler talk to everyone he/she comes across? How do you handle the situation if your toddler is ignored?

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