Busy Moms, Hotels for Kids?: Links I love

Photo by MommyG39

I wish there was a word to describe a mom's life other than "busy." Just doesn't seem to cut it. Overload, maybe?

Unless you're a mom, you just don't get how hectic life can really be.

Here are some links I love for all you bustling (eh, that doesn't seem to fit either) mamas out there:



A new step in child care...baby hotels. — Parent Dish

Running errands just for "me" time. — Lil Sugar

Free organizing downloads for the busy mom. — Cool Mom Picks

Time-saving websites. Cookie

Toddlers = headaches. How to keep them (the headaches at least) at bay. — Parenting

Are you a stressed working mom?Momversation

What do you do to keep from feeling overwhelmed or to get "me" time?

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