Kids Making Mischief--And Doing Some Damage

Photo by primadonna

When you're pregnant and making a registry, everyone makes sure you include the onesies and lightweight strollers. But they forget to mention the one absolute necessity for anyone considering having a child: a good home insurance policy. Those babies turn toddler fast, and little 40-pounders can do a lot of damage if you're not looking. Case in point: primadonna's story ...

"A couple of days ago, I was putting one of my sons in the car when I heard his twin brother downstairs in the guest bathroom. I heard him flush, but he met me outside the bathroom, so I didn't see what happened. When we returned about 90 minutes later, I couldn't believe what we came home to.


He apparently tried to flush an entire roll of toilet paper. It overflowed and proceeded to flood three rooms. We had to completely disassemble the entire office, including the computer, the phone, cable ... everything ... and had the emergency flood people at our house until 10 p.m. trying to extract all the water.

We have a huge fan in here now, along with a de-humidifyer the size of a small fridge. We're probably going to have to have the carpet, pad and some molding replaced. They also drilled 40+ holes in our walls to help dry out the sheet rock/insulation that absorbed some of the water."

Poor primadonna. You can see some of her little one's previous handiwork in the photo above.

But her friends in the Stay at Home Moms group were quick to make her feel better by sharing some of their own home damage horror stories (it's a private group so you'll have to join to see all the comments).

  • Last week, I thought my youngest was napping and I vacuumed downstairs. When I stopped, I heard him up and when I went upstairs he had colored over one wall in every room, every door, and the hallway." --rose0608
  • One night my 3 and 4 year olds got up very quietly, got into a 24-pack of ice cream cups, and melted ice cream all over the carpets in their room, the living room, and floors in the bath and kitchen. They had taken all their clothes out of the dresser and threw them all over each room, which then had ice cream all over them. They got into every single drawer in the kitchen and living room and dumped everything out. Then they poured red, yes, red fingernail polish over everything. I woke up from the smell. Patty24momof5
  • I have 5 sons and 2 daughters. In our old home they were wrestling and went through the sheet rock (in 8 places) in the size of footballs. Next, when they were little, I heard a banging and when I came into the room they had taken a broom handle and had hit the ceiling trying to kill a spider -- not one hole but 40 holes the size of golf balls. Next, they painted the side of the house with black tar (and each other). Oh, sh**, speaking of toilets, my youngest son who is now 8 grabbed his grandma's dentures when he was 2 and threw the bottom plate down the toilet. She couldn't get to him, and was yelling for my hubby ... she was Austrian. "Dickie, Dickie, get the sum bitch ... he stole my teeth. Quick, the sum bitch gonna flush-em ..." luckymommax7

Anyone know a good tar remover? I can't top any of these, but maybe you can--tell away. And if you're looking for ways to remove those stains and plug those holes, why not ask HGTV handyman Anthony Gilardi? Cafe Sheri is collecting questions to ask him over in Home&Garden Buzz.

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