Baby Laundry Soap for Toddler Clothes?

baby laundry soapIn the parenting class I took at the hospital before the birth of our first child, the wizened old baby nurse gave some insider tips.

"Don't get caught up in buying special baby laundry soap," was one she told us about. "It's expensive and unnecessary. You know those blankets we swaddle your baby in the minute after she's born? All washed and sterilized with bleach. Every last one of them."

Well, IDK, that's just what she said.

I used the baby laundry soap I recieved as a shower gift, but as soon as it ran out I switched to the Free and Clear stuff that I myself must use on my clothes to avoid breaking out in hives. Just call me Mrs. Allergic. It's cheaper than the baby soap, but I must admit I missed that great baby clothes smell. Baby laundry soap is specially formulated for baby-type stains like urine, poop, milk, and foods.


A number of CafeMoms never bothered with baby laundry soap. They used their usual household stuff from the get-go or, like me, used the Free and Clear. The Free and Clear is even better than baby soap, they said, because it lacks fragrance, which many people (Exhibit A: Cafe Cynthia) are allergic to.

But some moms continue to wash their toddlers clothes separately from the rest of the house. I admit I got into this habit for a good long while, too, until I noticed that my kids' clothes were way dirtier than ours and that I wouldn't be "contaminating them" with our grown-up dirt.

It's a little silly when you think about it. I mean, dirt is dirt.

Do you use any special soap or methods for laundering your toddler's clothes?


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