New Sippy--Mom Tested and Approved

Having sippy-cup issues? CrystalDawn2506 over in the Toddler Moms group told everyone about a new sippy that her older toddler daughter has been using: the Playtex Coolster Tumbler. According to the website, the cup is "for older kids who are 'too cool' for a sippy-cup. This no-spout spill-proof cup has an easy grip shape and looks like mom and dad’s coffee cup, so a child feels more grown up."

"My DD absolutely LOVES it," says CrystalDawn2506. "She was starting to get where she wanted nothing to do with her other sippy-cups, so I thought, well this looks like [one] she would like it. It's awesome. It lets her drink like a big girl and I have no spills to clean like I do with normal cups!"


At least one mom said she didn't care for them, but most of those who answered CrystalDawn2506's post said things like, "they are the only ones I can get my kids to use," "I have six of them," and "I have them in every color I can find."

I'm always psyched to learn about a new, mom-endorsed product. I'm definitely going to give these cups a try. And while I was trolling around the Playtex site, I noticed another new sippy fresh from the factory--the Create My Own Cup. Your toddler can personalize their own cup with stickers, photos, and down-loadable design inserts. Talk about a great project for a rainy day!

What toddler mom must-haves have you come across lately? What are some of the nifty products or gadgets that you or your tot just can't live without?

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