Go to Bed, Ice Cream Man

ice cream man irregular hoursThis funny headline in the Newcomer's Club recently made me laugh:

"My Ice Cream Man Is on Crack!"

Okay, he's not really. But I challenge you to come up with a better explanation for why he was cruising one mom's neighborhood last week at 8:30 on a school night.

And never mind school-aged kids ... but my toddler is in bed at that hour, or at least at the point in the night when I certainly don't want to rev her up with ice cream.


We know about the bad economy and folks pulling longer hours to make ends meet ... get that. And grownups like ice cream, too.

But I don't think Mr. Ice Cream man is helping his customer service end of the business by chiming loudly by and causing all the little kids who were almost asleep to start jumping up and down on their beds and start screaming for money.

Some moms say their ice cream man makes his last run at 10 p.m.!

Another one plays Christmas songs all summer.

Yet another makes a pass around the local school around noontime when all the kids are in class.

Hmm ... maybe the headline isn't too far off, after all.

Do you let your kids buy ice cream from the ice cream truck? How late does your local vendor cruise by during the week?


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