Talking Toddlers: When Everything Is "Blue" (Or "Hot," Or "Kitty")

I love this story from Epoh about her (almost) 2-year-old daughter who's learning her colors:

We're working on colors. Everything is blue! LOL. At first, I got her to say: blue, purple, and green. But she insists it's all blue. (I do tell her the correct color and praise her when she gets blue right.) Same thing with hot! For the longest time, all of her food and drinks were hot. Now she knows cold.

Don't worry, Epoh, you're not the only one...


Other CafeMoms chimed in with adorable stories of their talking toddlers:

  • PaceMyself: Everything was "wed" (red) with my oldest...I love baby brains!
  • Coala: Everything with four legs and a tail is a "key" (kitty). Or it is "pri" (pretty).

Did you toddler go through this fun phase? What did he/she always say?

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