Winning Pacifier Weaning Tip

pacifier weaning

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You could try the Paci Fairy, pretend that Elmo is having a baby and mail the binky to him, or even donate it to the zoo. You could also try this brilliant, no-tears suggestion from Toddler Mom cafemama ...


"After a few half-hearted attempts to get my 2.5 year old son to give up his beloved pacifier, I decided he was old enough to bargain with, so I offered him a deal. He could take all his pacis to the toy store and use them to "buy" a toy of his choice. But, once he handed over the pacis to the cashier in the toy store, he could never have them back.

"He agreed to my deal, so the next day we rounded up all the stray pacis in the house, put them in a Ziploc bag, and headed to the toy store. At the store, he immediately fixated on a toy tennis racquet set (luckily only $10!) and we headed to the cashier.

"I quietly explained to her what was going on and that he was going to give her the bag and she could throw it away. She played along and thanked him for his purchase while I slyly paid with real money. Transaction complete! No more pacis. For the next few nights, he'd ask me where his paci was and I'd remind him of the toy store. He'd then tell me all about his amazing new tennis racquet. The best part ... no tears!"

Have you found a creative way to get rid of the pacifier? Post it in comments ...


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