Warning Graphic Photo: Dog Meets Small Child

toddler draws on dog

Photo by MattisMommy08

Don't worry, I was expecting something totally different, too, when I opened up a post containing this picture in the Current Events & Hot Topics Group.

I braced myself for another gnarled leg or scratched up face, but instead found this charming photo of 5 year old Ryan (son of one of MattisMommy08's friends IRL) getting all Picasso on Rex the bull terrier.


"We did find out that dogs can handle washable markers and Kool Aid, but neither wash out!" MattisMommy08 says. "Washable markers are apparently only washable for clothes and furniture, not animals. Rex was a walking piece of art for a few days until it faded away. I love the big eye ball drawn over his eye! Who needs mascara when you have Crayola."

Where is the strangest place that your toddler has unleashed his artistic urge?


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