Future Blackmail: What Toddler Stories Are You Saving?

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What is it about toddlers? They're so funny. So silly. And sometimes even a little odd. And sheesh, they do such embarrassing things, and they don't even blush.

Well, I'm saving a few hilarious toddler tales for later when I need blackmail for a certain two future teen-aged boys.

When my older son was in daycare, he once got an "Owie Report" when he was caught biting his own arm. My youngest, who is currently ignoring all possibility of ever being potty trained, just created a Hazmat situation on the teeter totter at preschool because he refused to admit he had a full diaper.

Oh, these stories and many others are going to be worth their weight in gold some day. I'll be able to get them to clean their room, mow the lawn, maybe even weed the garden.

Are you saving any embarrassing toddler stories on your kids?

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Jesse... JessecaLynn

LOL...we have a lot of blackmail pictures of our children.  We won't use them to hurt our children, just to look back on a laugh with them when they have children. :)

jessa... jessa1091

My family still uses the expression "I can't like it" when things are not going our way .My son who is now a teenager, always expressed his displeasure this way until he was about 5 yrs old! 

Kryst... Krystal.Ingalls

My son is so silly sometimes.  He is nonverbal, so his silly stories aren't because of thing he says, but rather things he does.  Today I laughed so hard at him and couldn't help it.  He was hitting the cat because he found out if he smacks her on the head real hard she meows.  So, I told him "Brandon, play nice with Mocha."  He walks away from the cat and comes back with 2 toy trucks.  He give one to Mocha and keeps one for himself.  He started rolling his truck around and then every now and again he would show Mocha how to roll hers.  It was the cutest thing.  lol!  I guess it took it to heart when I told him to PLAY nice.  lol!!

Lokis... LokisMama

First one that comes to mind is my son's reaction to meeting a friend of ours.  This friend could be called a 'giant' in the literal sense of the word.  Think Andre the Giant (from the Princess Bride) just not as wide.  But we had gone over to his house with the kids for dinner one night, and as we walked in the door, my son took one look at our friend, screamed, and tried to jump, literally, though the CLOSED kitchen window.  It wasn't nice but I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes.

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