I Don't Wanna Eat the Crust! (A Quick Tip for Moms)

bread crust and fussy toddlerMy daughter eats everything—all kinds of fish, vegetables, spicy foods, things that a lot of other kids will never even touch. My husband and I brag about her love affair with food all the time, but a friend who's a chef knocked us off our high horses. He said his kid was that way too, but by the time she was three she refused all food but macaroni and cheese and chicken fingers. I've been holding my breath, and lately it seems like our "good eater" is starting to get a little fussy about food.

Take bread crust for instance. She's become a kid who won't eat it. I don't want to throw it away—it seems like such a waste. That's why I love this tip Kate of Careermama shared with ParentHacks.


"If you are constantly cutting the crust off of your child's sandwiches, don't throw it away. Save it in the freezer in a zip top baggy. In a week or two, you will have enough to put into the food processor with some herbs for yummy homemade bread crumbs."

Love it!

What creative things do you do with your kid's bread crust or other leftovers?

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