Toddlers in Church -- Is Sitting Still Possible?

toddlers behaving at church

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Some churches or places of worship have nurseries that will watch your kids during the services. Others don't, or moms are forced to wrangle the wily youngsters themselves while their husband is signing in the choir or (if he's not the church-going type) at home.

On mother in Stay At Home Moms asked about this very problem the other day. She wants her 1 year old and 2 year old (who's training and making constant potty runs) to start coming to church more often, but her husband sings in the choir and can't help in the pew.

Have you always been dying to ask the other moms of toddlers in church, especially those with the kids who sit without saying a peep, if they get as stressed out as you do? Here's what they say about getting a toddler to behave during church:


-- Sit in back and hope for the best. I isn't easy but you will manage. Is there a friend from church who could sit with you and hold the baby while you take the oldest to the bathroom?

-- I think people should understand about having your children with you during service. I know it might seem hard but it can be done, it just might take a little bit of practice. My 3 year old still can't sit still. I bring paper and pencil or crayons. My 7 year old is the same way after while, so I will bring something for him to do. I just want my children to attend church from a young age regardless if people think they understand or not. It gets them in the habit and they learn.

-- I always sit in the very back! That way, if I need to bring my 2 year old to the bathroom I will not bother anyone. I bring coloring books and small cars and books for my son to play with while we are there. I even bring a snack of some sort if he starts getting rowdy.

-- What about getting parents to volunteer in a nursery for the babies and very young kids? I volunteer once a month. For communication, we put our cell phones on vibrate and leave the number with whoever has nursery duty. If the kids need us, the volunteers call without disturbing the congregation, or if we don't have a cell, they simply come to get us.



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