Naming the Grandparents: Who Decides?

names of grandparents

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My kids have a Grandma and Grandpa, and a Gran and Grandad.

Nice and simple. Easy to say and remember. My husband and I casually decided the names our children would call our parents, with no complaints from any side.

But in the Stay at Home Moms group, maggie26 said her mother doesn't like the name she chose for her baby to call her -- "Grandma." Her very youthful 55-year-old mother insists on being "Grandmommy," and continues to correct her granddaughter every time she gets it wrong.

A whole range of opinions from the SAHMs, from "What's the big deal, let her pick her own name," to "I wouldn't like that either, I'm 'Mommy,' not my mother!"



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What names do your toddlers call their grandparents, and who picked the names? Do you -- or your parents -- have any problems with them?


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