Who's the Bigger Disciplinarian in Your House?

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I just saw an interesting poll in Advice for Moms: They want to know Who is more strict? — mom, dad, or even grandma?

At the time that I checked their poll numbers, Moms were in the lead. Are you the "bad cop" in your house? Who's the bigger disciplinarian in your household?


I'm definitely the bigger disciplinarian in our household. It's not a position I always like to hold, but that's the way it is.

It's not that my husband lets our boys get away with things per se. However, he just doesn't always remember to give them immediate consequences for naughty behaviors, which it pretty key. I don't know if his tolerance is higher or if he just forgets this important aspect or what.

Whose the "bad cop" in your household? Take our poll.


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