Triathlon Tots, Sports for Toddlers: Links I Love

Photo by Aniyahsmommy314

My uncle is putting my younger cousin in a soccer league...and she's two! Apparently, toddler athletes are a growing trend and more and more parents are putting their tots in organized athletics at a young age. Here are some links I love about super active tots:


Parents are training their kids as young as three for triathlons! I couldn't even do a triathlon and I'm in my mid-20s! — Lil Sugar

What those triathlons consist of for young children. — Babble  

How young is too young to teach your kids to swim? — Momversation 

This three-year-old has a motorcycle license! — Parent Dish

Sports for toddlers and guide telling you at what age is good to do which sport. — About

Is your toddler in an organized sport? Would you put them in one?

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