Babysitting Dilemma -- Should You Offer Grandma Cash?

paying grandparents to babysit

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We're going to a wedding next month and my best friend is watching my son all weekend. She adores her godson, and doesn't expect payment, but I'm going to offer anyway because she's giving up an entire two days for us.

Knowing her, she probably won't accept, for the same reason I never bother to offer to pay my own mom for babysitting.

A poll in Advice for Moms finds that only 12 percent pay their parents to babysit when they go to work or out for the night. Apparently, many grandparents feel this way:


"I wouldn't except money to watch my granddaughter," says a grandmother in Advice for Moms. "I get the privilege of watching her discover new things and become the person that she may eventually become."



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