Punches, Choke-holds, and Other Fun Things Daddy Teaches

habits picked up from daddy

Photo by tabbie-kat

My husband is a wonderful teacher and role model for our kids. Thanks to him, my son now greets all males he meets (like the checkout guy or his pediatrician) with "hey, dude," and my daughter knows the exact area of the windpipe on which to plant an upper-cut during an attack.

Okay, so not everything our husbands or SOs teach our kids is necessarily Dad of the Year material, but it certainly adds to our children's already unique personalities.

iamcafemom83's husband teaches their 21 month older daughter to sniff her moms ear when she asks for a kiss, to pump her fist up and down during a football game, and to demand blankets and pillows to lay upon when watching TV on the living room floor.

Other quirky things toddlers have learned from Daddy ...


-- How to yell at the TV when sports are on.

-- To beat up ablow-up penguin.

-- How to do a rear naked choke-hold and triangle submissions.

-- Air guitar and air drums.

-- That when someone passes gas it is a spider "barking." "So the oldest always asks if there are spiders around. I didn't like that, so my SO switched it to 'quacking.' So now our youngest quacks like a duck when she hears that sound."

-- "Hey, Dad, wanna fight, want some of this? Come and get some!"

Are you bothered by some of the things your husband or SO teaches your tots? Have you ever asked him to stop?

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