Dirty Kids Not Fit to Be in Public?

dirty kids in public

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There's a dirty little war going on in The CafeMom Newcomer's Club. Seriously, it's over dirt.

In one post about dressing and cleaning up kids before going to the store or other public place, a mom said children should always have a clean face and outfit:  "At Kmart the other day, both of these kids were riding in the cart and they only had a diaper and shirt on ... not even shoes. On top of that, they looked like they hadn't had a bath for a week or two. Some people just don't care, I guess."


In another dirty kid post indignant of the first, the original poster said, "I let my daughter dress herself most days. She's 4! When I go to Walmart the last thing I'm really worried about is what my kid looks like. I'm a busy person. I work full time. Seriously, if you notice how clean other mom's kids are, you must have too much time on your hands!"

As always, there are plenty of middle ground opinions.

"My kids are always dressed in public, but clean?" says purplemoosemom. "They get dirty five minutes after being in the bathtub -- it's a talent. So I don't guarantee that all four of them are clean when we go out. I do insist they brush their hair and wash their faces and hands before we go though. However, my oldest daughter's hair is such that it always looks ratty, even clean."

If I had to change my daughter's sauce and fruit stained shirt every time we went out, she'd be going through more outfits a day than a game show spokesmodel. I do baby-wipe her face, but unless she's actually stinking or sopping, I just shrug. And chances are, even if she leaves the house sparkling, she'll still come home looking like a street urchin anyway.



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Which side are you on? Is if fair to say moms of kids who let their kids be dirty in public just "don't care"?

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