Bedtime Lullabies -- C'Mon, You Know You Make Up the Words


Photo by stormi2

I can carry a tune pretty well, but nothing I'd dare showcase outside the walls of my shower or my daughter's bedroom when she asks me to sing her a lullaby. She thinks I'm the "best singer in the world." Yup, according to her, I'm even better than "Hannah Montanah." Ah, what the toddler years do for my ego ...

Her favorite lullaby is The Little Drummer Boy. She doesn't realize it's a Christmas song and not a lullaby. But I don't tell her because then she'll ask me to sing the words to Braham's Lullaby, the one that goes "Lullaby and goodnight, with roses bedight ..." and I wouldn't even be able to get through the first line. I'd have to make the rest up, and that's just too hard at 8 p.m.


So I struggle through The Little Drummer Boy, which I can pretty much remember word for word around Christmastime when it's played on the radio constantly, but not so much in the middle of summer.

I always get the parts all out of sequence. In my version, Mary often nods before the little boy asks "shall I play for you?", and I'll sing "the Ox and lamb are kept tied" (it's supposed to be the "Ox and lamb kept time ...").

She doesn't realize or care, of course. It's the melody that soothes her, not the words. By the time she's old enough to realize how badly I botch her favorite songs, she'll also be rethinking her earlier statement about the vocal skills of Mommy versus Hannah Montana.

Do you know all the words to your child's favorite lullabies or do you make them up? What are some of the funniest lyrics you've come up with?

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