Tot Girls: Too Old to Go Topless?

toddler girls topless in public

Photo by kassifur22

A post in the Heated Debates group recently about a non profit fighting for a woman's right to go bare-chested in public made me think of my 4 year old daughter. She'd join that cause in a heartbeat.

She thinks I'm totally unjust for not allowing her to go topless in public when her older brother can.

Huge tantrum over this at the soccer field the other day.

My husband and her brother were playing ball shirtless, and when she proceeded to peel off too, I shut that girl right down. "Girls have to wear shirts in public. I know it doesn't seem fair,  but men and women are different. Life isn't fair. Men can't have babies. It's the way it is."


As my useless explanations went on, so did the tantrum.

She pointed to a girl wearing a sports bra on the running track. "She isn't wearing a shirt, Mommy."

No, but her breasts are still covered. Girls have bumps and boys don't.

She pointed across the track to a shirtless old guy with ... man breasts. "But Mommy, he has bumps! I don't and I have to wear my shirt! WAAAAAA."

And I really had no answer for that.

So, remind me again, why can't women can't go shirtless in public?

Up to what age is it appropriate to let your toddler daughter go shirtless in public? Would you have let your 4 year old trapse around the soccer field topless?

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