Tot Girls: Too Old to Go Topless?

toddler girls topless in public

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A post in the Heated Debates group recently about a non profit fighting for a woman's right to go bare-chested in public made me think of my 4 year old daughter. She'd join that cause in a heartbeat.

She thinks I'm totally unjust for not allowing her to go topless in public when her older brother can.

Huge tantrum over this at the soccer field the other day.

My husband and her brother were playing ball shirtless, and when she proceeded to peel off too, I shut that girl right down. "Girls have to wear shirts in public. I know it doesn't seem fair,  but men and women are different. Life isn't fair. Men can't have babies. It's the way it is."

As my useless explanations went on, so did the tantrum.

She pointed to a girl wearing a sports bra on the running track. "She isn't wearing a shirt, Mommy."

No, but her breasts are still covered. Girls have bumps and boys don't.

She pointed across the track to a shirtless old guy with ... man breasts. "But Mommy, he has bumps! I don't and I have to wear my shirt! WAAAAAA."

And I really had no answer for that.

So, remind me again, why can't women can't go shirtless in public?

Up to what age is it appropriate to let your toddler daughter go shirtless in public? Would you have let your 4 year old trapse around the soccer field topless?

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jenni... jenniamigo

That is hilarious. He has bumps lol. ANwyay if i had a girl probably not. She has a good point lol

MamiJ... MamiJaAyla

your dd has great points and she's right to a certain degree but clothes are a societal norm and well although they don't always make sense we follow them.

Wearing shirts is a preparation for later when you have boobies and need to wear a bra. (my atttemp to justify/explain??)

Your dd is seriously smart -- (don't know whether to offer you congratulations or condolonces - b/c its seriously a mixed blessing)

Lynette Lynette

LOL! hilarious!  I personally won't let my daughter go topless no matter the age.  My boys prefer to wear shirts most of the time.  Unless they don't want to get a fav shirt wet, if it's not a fav they will swim in it.  And the only time DH is shirtless is when he goes swiming.  Still I wouldn't be surprised if I one day have my own funny story to tell about my daughter when she gets older.

Lumin... LuminousMom

My dd is still only 2, and in our own yard with our 6 foot privacy fence, I let her go without a shirt sometimes if we are playing in the pool or sprinkler. But in public, I require her to wear a shirt

degsyuna degsyuna

My daughter is 18 months old.  If we're at home and we don't have company, I'll sometimes let her run around in just a diaper.  (Although lately we're having issues with her taking the diaper off, so she's been wearing a onesie at all times...  lol)

If we have company or if she's going outside, she has to be clothed.  I've required that her whole life.

rainm... rainmommy

my dd will be 5 in a 1.5 weeks i go through this debate with her all the time i have finally resolved to letting her wear a size 28 sports bra and i use a Barret to hold up the shoulder straps...i guess it doesnt help that when its just me and her i go through the house from room to room looking for cloths to wear...i want to raise my dd to be proud of her body but to also respect other peoples opinions

MaNDa... MaNDaLoVEe

My DD will be 3 in december. and at this age I don't let her go around topless. If you go to the store and buy an infant girl a bathing suit they ALWAYS come with a top...The last time I let my DD go topless she was under the age of one. I think that after one, you should teach your daughter to respect her body and respect other people, because not everyone wants to see what you have. My DS on the other hand will be 2 in january and I do let him go topless and my DD hasnt asked me why he can and she can't...she hasnt made a big deal about it...

Shann... ShannonZ1976

I make my son wear a shirt in public, so we dont have this issue with our daughter.  Not that we are anti-skin or anything.  We have just chosen if we are in public, we wear shirts.  The pool and the beach are different.  Luckily we have no issues there yet

Tipha... TiphaniMommy

My DD will be three in December and only likes going topless around the house. When we're out and about she loves to dress up pretty. I'm glad I really don't have this problem because I wouldn't know how to handle it. They don't make sport bra for girl age 5 and under.

Pollymom Pollymom

I would make my daughter wear a shirt does suck and it's not fair. How many hot sweltering days have we girls been outside sweating and wishing we could go shirtless like the guys. Well I know I've wished it before. LOL

Incidentally, I have 4 brothers and mostly boy cousins and when I was 4 or 5 years old, I wanted to go outside and play with them (without a shirt - like them) I actually did for a little while...I have a picture of it too. LOL

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