Eco-Friendly Toddler Toy: Eco-Dough

eco play dough

Photo from Eco-Kids

I've long been searching for some eco-friendly "Play-Doh," but I'm not really the DIY play dough type so I was excited to find this eco-friendly dough from Eco-Kids. I restrained myself from ordering more than one before I actually tried it. Here's what I liked—and what I didn't.



The item: Eco-Dough

What it is: An all-natural alternative to Play-Doh.

The good: It looks good, it smells good, it's fun, it stays fresh, and you don't have to panic if your kid eats it.

The green: Eco-Dough is made with plant, fruit, and veggie extracts and doesn't contain any artificial dyes or metals. The containers are made from cornstarch and are compostable.

The gotta-tell-ya: The containers might be eco, but they suck big time (pardon my French). They're extremely flimsy and the covers are hard to keep on so you end up having to store the dough in different containers or baggies, which kind of defeats the whole save-the-planet thing.

Additional info: My daughter and I have been playing with it for four months now and it hasn't dried out. But if it does, the company says all you have to so is add a few drops of olive oil. Eco-Kids also makes Eco-Fingerpaint—I tried that too, and unfortunately, I can't recommend it.

What's your favorite green tot toy?




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