Healthy, Quick Toddler Meals

Since we're on the topic of food and finding ways to get it in our kids' fussy mouths (see my refusing to eat post below), I just heard that Beech-Nut is coming out with a new line of healthy toddler food that's low in salt, sugar, and fat.

Let's Grow meals and snacks (find them by looking for the blue and green seal on the labels) include heat-up trays, bowls, and snacks. They have all the stuff you want (convenience, lots of vitamins and minerals) and none of the stuff you don't (artificial flavors, colors, MSG or preservatives, trans fats, sodium, high fructose corn syrup, and refined sugars).


That's right. Many of those jars and packages in the baby food aisle right now are not the best choices because they contain crazy amount of salt and sugar. So you have to read the labels very carefully.

Busy moms can skip that step with the new Beech-Nut products, including Tummy Trays (vegetable beef, turkey stew), Mini Meals (mac & cheese, chicken & stars), Fruit Nibbles, cookies and biscuits, as well as three new additions: Wakey Flakes toddler cereal, Yogurt Nibbles (yogurt coated whole grain snacks) and seven-grain Nibbles (made from wheat, oats, and quinoa).

The company says the new kiddie fare still tastes great, but without all that salt (the new products have 200 mg or less per serving, which is really low by today's convenience food standards), I'll bet some kids will notice the difference.

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