Potty Training Tip: Plastic Pants

How do I toilet train my toddler? There isn't one answer for all tots, so every once in a while I'll shout out a new success story or quick tip from a CafeMom.

Tip #11: Ditch the diapers, use plastic pants over panties.

To help with messes, you can put plastic pants on top of the underwear  I bought mine cheap at babybestbuy.com. It will hold in the mess very well! 

You'll have to change her while she stands in the bathtub because the pee will all come out like a tidal wave, but it will keep your house dry! My son got so tired of being rinsed off in the bathroom after the tidal waves, I think that's why he was finally trained.


Also, I gave him one M&M for pee and one for poop to get him to do a BM on the potty. You've also gotta make them at least try to go every 20 minutes or so. Maybe they can play with toys or read a story while they try. Also, I gave my son lots of drinks while on the potty to make him go. I even put his hand in warm water one time.

This tip comes from flwrchild77

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