Quick Tip: Applying Sunscreen to Wiggly Kids

toddler sunscreen application tip

Photo from Swim Outlet

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It's August and while some moms are already thinking about back to school, it's also steamy hot. It feels like summer has finally arrived (after a very rainy start). I've been taking my daughter to the beach every day to cool off, which means I've been using sunscreen—and lots of it.


As any mom knows, applying sunscreen on a toddler is not easy. But Cafe Cynthia has some fun sunscreen games, which make the whole ordeal a little easier.

And Michelle at Her Cup Overfloweth shared this safe sunscreen application tip for especially wiggly toddlers (I have one of those):

"I have the kids put their goggles on before the sunscreen and I spray them from head to toe! That way, I don't have to worry about getting it in their eyes. Once I'm done, I touch up the under eye area if needed! Presto! Full Coverage. No Mess. No Burning Eyes."

What are your sunscreen application secrets for kids?

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